Capital Alliance Advisors

Estreich and Dick Ashworth, allowing Estreich & Company to expand its platform in New England and Ashworth to better serve its clients through access to a large and well established New York firm.

Ashworth began his namesake debt and equity financing firm, Ashworth Mortgage Corp. in 1985, and soon established a stronghold in New England real estate. For over 25 years, AMC has built solid, grass-roots connections with established industry leaders. Like Estreich, Ashworth has a distinguished reputation for creative structuring solutions for complicated financing situations.

With the formation of Capital Alliance Advisors, the shared Estreich/Ashworth philosophy of approaching transactions with a critical focus on the borrower and delivering optimal custom solutions can extend its reach to the New England corridor.

RCG Longview

In these challenging economic times, our clients seeking recapitalizations can benefit from our affiliation with the RCG Longview (RCGL) group of real estate fund vehicles. RCG Longview is a source of second mortgage financing, mezzanine debt, preferred equity and joint-venture equity.

One great advantage to working with Estreich/RCG Longview is that the transaction is both underwritten and processed under one roof. The Estreich team works directly with RCG Longview, coordinating the various components of the financing into a single package.

Jon Estreich is a principal and founding General Partner of RCGL, which has placed more than $3.5 billion in smart money to work in the form of mezzanine, acquisition, construction, bridge and preferred equity investments. This translates to well in excess of $15 billion in total capitalization of real estate.

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